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TextStew is a library to generate random texts that I have created for my Unity projects. It is written in C sharp.

Code :

    You are on a #feature planet
    That #feature planet is #feeling

Outputs :

You are on a rocky planet
That lush planet is great
That stinky planet is great

Follow the develog, to discover my exploration of random text generations applied to StarRoads

History :
The primary inspiration is from the "Goat Soup" string which created those cray planet description in the original Elite Game, and the more elaborate rmutt texte generator.

When Pol Clarissou published Even the Stars in 2014. I was so enthousiastic, and felt that it could so greatly be enhanced by a contextual "Goat soup string" like generator, that I decided to code a generator for Unity, that he could use.

In the end, Pol who had not asked anything, wasn't interested in altering is wonderful game !  But it gave me the strength to start the journey,. So I later decided to create my own space exploration game, StarRoads, to make good use of the generator.

We will see how it goes...

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