Paris Aires,

One morning, you wake up with the urge to create a game. But you need to find inspiration for that ! So you decide to explore Paris Aires, the famed and only trans-continental City.

A game dedicated to Kawzar, and made during the Secret Santa Jam 2020.
A big part of it also been coded  during la Game Jam Francophone.


Paris Aires, has been developped using Textes Mouvants  and TextStew , a procedural text generator I have been developping for a few years.
The computer font is Dash Digital-7, created by Sizenko Alexander.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity


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You've already read this but I wanted to share this with everyone that visit this game beacuse it's awesome!

Thank you very much for making it! It’s a fresh narrative game and I love how personalized it is, combining the cities and the jam things...
I really stayed some time on each screen, not only looking for the clues but because that text-generation is great! It’s so cool to see how the sentences change and so does the “image” in your brain... there are so many references! Argentinian things like madres de plaza de Mayo and some French things I should research a bit ;) 
I reached the 3 endings. One of them is like Pink Floyd’s eclipse. “Perfection” is what I’m trying to overcome, and “creation” is what I wish for this 2021!

Thank you for creating this experience for me, it shows all the effort and good vibes you’ve put into it. 


Wouah ! Thank you for the comment Kawzar ! It is very kind of you.
But I reckon that writing a game for someone takes a very different meaning and is a great experience. That secret Santa Jam was such a great idea !
I am also really pleased to have discovered a small bit of your universe.