Proto 3 - 27/10/2023

Size Matters !

This prototype is an attemp to more be realistic , a I have realised that everything which is behind a block (compared to the atmosphere) is actually inside  it ! And it did not make sense to have a 10 000T block inside a 10 T cabin...

So I have tried some rules : A block can stick to another, only if it smallest side is smaller to the biggest of every block between it and the atmosphere. (I'll let you think of it ;-) ) It fells more realistic to. However it is probably way too complicated and not visual enough !

Also, I am afraid that adds to much constraint to the construction and makes it is less fun... (and probably less fun than proto 2). But we will have to try !

The heat transfer formula has been changed too.

This is the 3rd prototype in the "Jupiter Dive" series. 
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JupiterDive_Proto3-0_0_3(1).apk 3 MB


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Reuploaded. I have reduced the thermal resistance of "Isolation". It was way to high.

Also, I don't really the present mecanism to determine what can be connected together... I have another one in mind, which I hope offers more flexibility to the player and fells more natural, that I wish to try.

The new construction system is ready. To be released next friday, together with some UI improvements !