Proto 2 - 19/10/2023

Dive as far as you can in Jupiter depths, and come back alive.
To be able to dive, all cabins must be connected, to the atmosphere, and not further than 3 links. 

The cabin temperature must stay between -10°C and 80°C or you loose.

This is the second prototype in the "Jupiter Dive" series. 
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JupiterDive-1_0_0.apk 3 MB


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what is a clim?

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Hello MajorBarka !
It is a climatisation. It adds or removes some heat to try to reach 20°C.

How deep have you manage to dive and come back ?


Air conditioning ;)

Rigth !

39 km I think? Is hull useful for something?

Yes ! Even if it is just a prototype every pieces can help to dive deeper. (Some players managed to dive  a few hundred kms and come back !)
Basically, it is a game about "Heat transfer" and trying to move quick enough in and out of hot areas without burning.

Every blue blocks are just "passive". 

  • They have a "thermal conductivity" (called "Heat transfer" in game) : The higher, the more it will let heat go through.
  • And a mass. The higher, the more heat they would need to increase or lower their temperature (sayed differently, the mass "stores" the heat)

And the heat always moves from the hotter to the colder blocks. Granted, hulls are not the most usefull block Hulls I have provided, but, they can be used to store some freshness, or be placed between the atmosphere and the cabin to slow heat propagation down.

Ok. The best I was able to do was put the insulation blocks, and then the cabins, and just ignoring everything else. But I'm not sure if there's a better configuration.

You can put blocks behind the cabins for example to absorb some heat (and add some thermal inertia). Or trying sticking the cold load to one of the insulation.

Thank you for your fedbacks ! They are very useful, if I wish to push further that game !