A lethal Covid simulation, hidden behind a memory game. The original prototype ofJiayou Memovirus.
It was developped in a few hours the 2nd of february, one week after Wuhan had been quarantined.

The rules :

This is a game of memory. You must find as many pairs as possible. However, every miss there is a virus discretly spreading from cards to cards. When two cards of the same pair are contaminated, they die...

The story behind the game :

At the time, I had been struck by the difficuly to contain the epidemic. Many people which did not have any symptoms yet were contagious and spreading the disease like hayfire. That's that blind fight that I wanted to explore with a game of Memory.

That prototype is much more cruel than the final game Jiayou Memovirus, as the characters can die. I had also used the names of a group of friends (and mine) which creates much more tension and involvement in our group.

2 month later (1st of april 2020) and after spent 15 days  confined in acountry with insufficient testing capacity, I have experienced the paranoia of the virus : Did someone contagious touch that handle ? I am infected  ? Will I make people sick ?
And I feel more than ever that this original concept describes a reality : the blind fight against a silent yet lethal virus, helped with some random probing, and the difficulty to keep track...

Jiayou MemoVirus is a real game. I can be fun and great. But this prototype has something cruel and unplayable that I really like...

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Authorsvfabien21, RATURE
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