Proto 4 - 4/11/2023

This is the 4th prototype in the "Jupiter Dive" series.  Check all prototypes

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UI changes :

You can now "long press" the buttons to move faster + a few of other tiny changes...

Construction rules update :

The construction rules from previous prototype were not very clear. I fell that this one works better. Every ship blocks have 2 figures : 
- Bottom right : "Out" (think of it as the size of a "out" connector)
- Bottom left : "In" or the minimum size of the "Out" block it can connect to.
When you can connect block some other rules apply to reduce the "Out". I'll let you experiment and discover them...

So far, I like that system. To be explored !

But what does it means in "real world" ?

The ship building with blocks is an abstract representation of the actual ship. When a block is connected to an other, it means that it is "inside" this block. Check that picture to see what I mean :

About these In and Out figures :

When the "In" (left figure) is smaller than the "Out" (right figure), such as the "Insulation" block, it means it rather flexible : it can be turned into a thin layer to cover something big, or as as big pack to fit into something tight.

When the "In" is bigger than the "Out", such as the "cabin", it means that it is pretty rigid and you can't much inside. A cabin has a minimum size, and you can't really built it around something else, except if it is relatively small.

What comes next ?

Next update prototype might be about a new scoring system, involving the "heat" which is brought back. And some graphic design.

Time will tell !


JupiterDive_Proto4-0_4_0.apk 3 MB

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